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Topic: Application:Punchkin

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Main Charcter Name,level,class and spec:
Punchkin L90 Monk/Windwalker ( Offspec possible. )


Engineering and Mining

Previous raid experience(Optional):
Spotty. Some vanilla raiding back in '04-'05. Later in the Burning Crusade (late) and in Wrath of the Lich King.

Misc.(Anything else you wish to add and of course this is optional)
I started on Windrunner at launch. As is pretty typical I have taken breaks from the game. I played for quite a while on Khadgar. I transferred this monk from there. I also have a few characters on the scum side of Windrunner. I'm looking for a guild that I can socialize with and have some fun! I'm a pretty casual player, but i'd like more of a challenge than the LFR system provides. I have also applied in game.

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Thank you for your interest.  We'll look for you online this week Punchkin, or feel free to whisper any officer if you see them on.

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