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Topic: Guild Bank(s) Information

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Guild Bank(s) Information

Bitter Old Men (BOM) maintains a full guild bank with all tabs purchased.  It is open to all guildies, but requires officers to handle withdrawls.  Money is deposit only and for guild repairs.  You are highly encouraged to deposit relevant items in the appropriate labeled tabs.  The main guild bank holds CURRENT crafting materials, blue or better quality equipment, raiding supplies, and repuatation/quest items.

Additionally we have an alt guild bank called Bitter Old Bankers (BOB).  If you wish to guild a single bank alt in this guild please contact an officer to receive the invite.  The purpose of the alt guild bank is to hold ALL OLD AND EXCESS crafting supplies, to facilitate leveling professions and crafting.  It may be freely deposited and withdrawled from, up to 5 items per tab per day.  It is highly encouraged to deposit any low-level crafting materials you encounter to assist profession leveling.
If you do not wish to or cannot create & guild an alt into BoB, you may send your extra materials to Attatta  (Tagawaga's alt, GM of BoB).

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