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Topic: BOM Loot Rules

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BOM Loot Rules

Bitter Old Men - Loot Rules

With the advent of LFG and LFR general standards have been accepted by the community.  Specifically pertaining to Bitter Old Men runs:
- Pass on BoP blue/purple -- roll goes up for mainspec first, offspec second
- Pass on BoE blue/purple -- roll goes up for mainspec first, offspec second, guild bank otherwise
- NEED or GREED/DE on greens as appropriate
- Special items (orbs, saronite, patterns, etc) first are rolled by those who can legitimately use, otherwise being guild banked.
- Ask before skinning/mining/etc -- if multiple want it roll off
- Priority goes to people who haven't won something yet when there are multiple mainspec rolls.  You are still encouraged to roll mainspec if it is an upgrade and you have already won something.  Applies over the entire instance for the day being run.

You are highly encouraged to bring your own flasks, potions, drums, regents, etc. and be well stocked before raid time.  Flasks however will usually be obtained from guild vault for those that need them, supply permitting.

Generally guild raids will involve promotion to a rank that is capable of using guild funds for repairs.  Please repair all your equipment before or at the start of the raid on your money, then use guild money (if desired) up to your withdrawl limit.  This is subject to raid leaders/officers remembering to promote.

All rules subject to change.

-- Edited by Zuztet on Wednesday 21st of July 2010 02:43:56 PM

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