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smile.gif  Welcome to the Bitter Old Men!!



     We are a casual Horde guild on the Windrunner Server of World of Warcraft.  Our player base is continually growing and we're always looking for new friends to meet.  We are the oldest active guild on Windrunner and amongst all servers.  Many of us have been playing since release and can't imagine life outside of Bitter Old Men.

     Enjoyment of this game is our top priority and our only official goal.  We do have a raid schedule and structure but it is limited to one or two nights a week and the most important factor in anything ingame is fun.  Having friends with you in your time of triumph or defeat makes all the difference.  Nothing says "Fun" quite like a "Nice pull Noob" or "I blame dan" after a wipe in an instance.

     See you in Azeroth/Outland/Northrend/Pandaria!


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RaidVersionPre-Nerf/CurrentPost-Nerf/Next TierCleared?
Burning Crusade 
Karazhan10Through CuratorClearY
Gruul's Lair25Maulgar/Council deadClearY
Magtheridon25not attemptednot attemptedY
Zul Aman10Through air/bearFour animals clearedY
SSC/TK/others25not attemptednot attemptedY
Wrath of the Lich King 
Vault of Archavon10ClearClearY
Naxxramas10Four wings clearClearY
Naxxramas25not attemptedClearY
Obsidian Sanctum100-drake killed1-drake killedY
Ulduar10Through some keepersAll except Yogg; some hardmodesY
TotC10Through Faction ChampionsClear;  most hardmodesY
TotC25not attemptedAll except AnubY
Icecrown Cididel10Through Fester/Rotface & Blood CouncilClear;  some hardmodesY
Icecrown Cididel25Through GunshipThrough Fester/Rotface & Blood CouncilY
Ruby Sanctum10Mini-bossesClearY
Baradin Hold10ClearClearY
Bastion of Twilight10Through Valiona and TheralionClearY
Blackwing Descent10Through MaloriakAll except NefarianY
TotFW10Conclave deadConclave deadY
Firelands10All except Alysrazor, Staghelm, RagnarosAll except RagnarosY
Dragon Soul10Through UltraxionClear;  some hardmodesY
Mists of Pandaria
Mogu'shan Vaults10ClearClearY
Heart of Fear10Attempted Zor'lokClearY
Terrace of Endless Spring10not attemptednot attemptedN
Throne of Thunder10not attemptednot attemptedN

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