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Topic: Determining Raid Spots

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Determining Raid Spots

Determining BOM Raid Spots

  Bitter Old Men has always been solely about having fun with enjoyable people and including as many as possible.  Our biggest restriction is with game content designed for a limited number of people.  Whenever BOM schedules a raid and an abundance of players are willing to go the following is the procedures for determining who gets the nod:

- On-time.  You must be on-time to be considered if we have too many people.  Being a latelogger or afk without notice during scheduled raid formation time is generally an exclusion.  Raid formation time is 5-10 minutes before raid start, with a 5 minute window for "on-timers".  This is subject to the organizer remembering/paying attention to times/dates.

- BOM member.  Members before guests. 

- RAT list qualified have priority on wednesday (progression)

- Calendar invite acceptees generally have prefernce over "walk-ins".  This is subject to the invite being up with ample time and fully inclusive.

- If too many eligible people the following order will be followed:
1) Volunteers asked to drop.
2) Classes needed.  Tanks/healers/dps.
3) Leftouts.  People that have been left out previously due to too many available get priority the next time.
4) Rolloff.  If there are too many for your class spot a random rolloff by the officer/organizer will determine those that get to go.  This is the only way to ensure fairness.  (ex: we have 3 spots left and 5 people.  Officer/organizer numbers them and does "/roll 1 5" three times to see who gets spots.)
People left out will be considered higher priority the next time

In summaryOn-time BOM members get raid spots in the order of need, previously left out, then finally by randomness.  Wednesday (progression) has priority to RAT list.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments feel free to post them here or whisper an officer ingame, but unless changed above this is the official rules.  Hope to see you soon.

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