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Hi and thank you for your interest in BOM (Bitter Old Men) 

Before filling out the application forum found at the bottom. I advise reading the sticky of 
Guild Rules and Etiquette (Read before posting an App)

For further information you may contact me on windrunner on Nokono, Senne 
or any of the BOM officer listed here
-Stephanie -
Carajus -Tagawaga -Zuztet
-Bombatta -Kreegor 
-Athrogate -Tazmikella -Clovee 

Here is the application, please do not reply to this sticky. Simply copy and paste into a new forum topic

Main Charcter Name,level,class and spec:
Dondkkiller - 74, warlock demonologist


enchanting , tailoring but still under 350

Previous raid experience(Optional):
Molten Core, Blackwings Lair, The bug place AQ was the name i believe

Misc.(Anything else you wish to add and of course this is optional)
Havent played since before there were expansions. Was part of the guild Council of Legends but i dont think they are around any more. Bought the expansions and realy likeing the changes made since i stoped playing. I am casual player but now that winter is coming ill have much more reason to stay inside and play. I read in game that you guys have been around since pre expansions. Contact me in game for any other info

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Thank you for your interest.  An officer will be in touch shortly.

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