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Topic: Guild Application - Tywi

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Guild Application - Tywi

Main Charcter Name,level,class and spec:

Twyi - Level 21 (currently) BE Paladin. Spec'd Prot, but been playing with Holy as well for PvP. Mostly for leveling and casual stuff. 

Have some, but haven't done anything with them yet. 


Previous raid experience(Optional):
Back to Vanilla, done a lot. On scum, done some raiding in BoT, BH, etc. Currently doing Firelands trash with my other guild

Misc.(Anything else you wish to add and of course this is optional)

Looking for a horde guild to land my new toons on a second account. First time really leveling Horde seriously, and haven't touched them at all since Cata hit, so learning. Mostly looking for a casual atmosphere for occasional chats, bonuses, runs, etc. 

And did read the rules, shouldn't be a problem. My scum toons are still my mains, to be fair. Not looking at endgame yet, more for a place to live and chat. 

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