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Topic: Guild Rules and Etiquette (Read before posting an App)

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Guild Rules and Etiquette (Read before posting an App)

Hello and welcome to the Bitter Old Men (BOM)!

Here at the BOM our philosophy is have as much fun as possible.  We have very few rules that govern the guild, but there are a few that we ask you to abide by as a member:

Guild Etiquette:

1.  Please do not ask guildies for money.  If you have friends in the guild who want to give or loan you money that's perfectly acceptable and completely your business.  Asking in guild chat, or in private tells, for people to loan you money is not acceptable. evileye

2.  Please keept materials requests to a minimum.  Send one or two tells and if no one responds perhaps seek materials via the Auction House or in the trade channel.  Because BoM has a guild bank to aid its members we ask that requests be kept to a minimum.    aww

3. Do not spam guild chat with price checks on items. If you plan on playing the auction house please download WoWEcon. You will save yourself a lot of time and everyone else a lot of aggrevation.

4.  Watch your language. We all enjoy joking around with each other but there is a line; unfortunately that line is easily blurred by lack of vocal inflection and manuerism in text. Bear this in mind when you type something out. Race, religion, and politics are off limits for guild chat. Also, BOM is no longer comprised solely of the male gender.  There are several ladies who have toons in the guild so please police language and comments accordingly when the ladies are present.  When it's just the fellas feel free to cut loose.  biggrin

5. Register with this board (it's a free account) before recieving your guild invite and list all of your in-guild alts in the appropriate thread as soon as possible. smile

Guild Bank
Do not abuse the guild bank. We have a guild bank that is a give & take global bank for BOM members, contributions are what makes the guild bank work.  It usually contains items such as crafting materials (herbs, ore, dragonscales, etc.), recipies/schematics/fomulas, BoE blues, gems, and other useful items. It is there for use and to ease the burden on guildies for quests and item drops. The bank thrives on the give-and-take relationship with members; if you take something be sure you have given or can give equivelant exchanges in return.  People found taking vastly more then giving will have all bank rights withheld.  Do not take items to sell, or materials to craft items to sell.

Leveling, Quest Help, and Instance Runs
Do not spam guild chat for "run throughs" of low level instances.
Feel free to use guild chat [responsibly] to organize runs or query for interest, but please do not spam for higher level guildies to zerg you through it.  A friend might run someone they know through a lower level instance for essential quests, but the guild at large is not there to run people through instances.  (Keep in mind most lower-level gear is replaced within 5 levels anyway)

Loot Rules

BOM subscribes to a gentlemen's philosophy of loot distribution. We do not offer a DKP system for loot, nor do we dictate how to split loot during runs.  We leave the division of loot up to whomever is in the instance and humbly offer some gentle suggestions that have always seemed to work well:

Trash Greens:  Green BoE (bind on equip) item drops roll "Need" if it's an upgrade for the toon you are playing with and you intend to equip it right then, roll "Greed" for anything else. 
BoE Blues or Purples: Select pass initially.  If the item is an immediate upgrade for more than one member of the group settle it by a "/random" roll or by mutual agreement.  If no one in the party views the item as an upgrade it has traditionally gone to the guild bank to be distributed to the guild at large. 

BoP Blues or Purples:  Always pass initially.  If you are going to imediately equip and wear the item use the "/random" method above or come to a mutual agreement with other interested party members. 
Otherwise, state "greed roll" and "/random" for vendor or shard. 

(*note: Wanting a BoP Blue or Purple for a "healing set" or "tanking set" does not constitute a Need roll.  Need should only be rolled on items that you plan to use as a permanent upgrade. If no one else rolls Need for an upgrade, state in party/raid chat that you would like the item for a set upgrade and come to a mutual agreement with the remainder of your team)

*Guildies often pass on greed blues once they have recieved a blue for need/greed. This practice ensures that everyone has a fair opportunity to walk away with something.  This is, of course, left to the discretion of the group running the instance.  "Ninja" looting during any run (BOM or Non-BOM) is just cause for dismissal if the accusation is substantiated.  

By agreeing to these guildlines you recognize that violation of the above could lead to your removal from the guild depending on the severity of the infraction and/or frequency of infractions. What constitutes a bootable infraction is strictly at the discretion of the individual officer.

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